It Only takes 10 Minutes
(10 Minutes = 1 hour of Exercise)

Strenghthen and tone muscles
Reduce Cellulite and Fat
Improve Health and Well Being
Improve Metabolism
Reduce Joint Pain
and much more...

 with a whole body
 vibration workout. 
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100% all Natural  Products & Certified Organic

Our unique herb and spice blends, sauces, oils and mixes are natural, nutritious and delicious!  Add simplicity and versatility to your cooking while making your meal preparation fast, easy and healthy!      
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Himalayan Salt Lamps: 

These 200 million year old crystals purify the air with natural negative ions, preserving your energy making it easier to breathe and sleep.
Infrared Sauna:

Provides the safe part of the sun's rays which are responsible for energizing and sustaining our delicate balance of life on earth.  These light rays are vital to health and stimulate our body's metabolism helping us burn approximately 300 calories in a 15 minute session.

Our exercise studio provides you with an easy and beneficial path to your personal wellness.  We are able to do this by offering you multiple services and products that can achieve that goal.  In addition to our revolutionary Whole Body Vibration machines, we have also selected additional products that will enable you to enjoy a healthier life.                                                                                  

Water Ionizer: 

 Filters out harmful components of tap water and transforms the water to make it nourishing and satisfying while quenching your thirst and hydrating your body.
RegenaCell® Daily Anti-Aging Cream 

A powerful anti-aging cream for daily use. It contains a high concentration of vital nutrients, antioxidants, cell rejuvenators and natural moisturizers. It is pure nutrition for your skin and has been formulated to support the health and function of the skin and aid in the prevention of premature aging. RegenaCell provides an environment for healthy cells to flourish and restore your skin's youthful glow. You will see and feel the difference in just a few days. For both women and men.
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